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Maxi Cosi Compatible Prams

Hi all, I know there are some other threads that discuss this but for some reason it won't let me search or open up any of them. Also, as some of the threads are quite old I thought a more up to date one might be useful.

We've decided we would like to but a maxi cosi pebble plus car seat, and am struggling to find which prams are compatible (apart from the maxi cosi brand and the ICandy) 

Can anyone recommend? Ideally we don't want to spend massive amounts.

Thanks :)


  • I know this is an old post but i have a quinny buzz with a maxi cosi pebble an i know if world with the pebble plus as well. I absolutely love this pushchair. Hope this helps X

  • I have icandy but got the cybex car seat instead as it lies flat, have you looked at that one?

  • I really wanted the icandy but due to not having a lot of money I couldn't I was given the pushchair for free and brought the carseat off a friend. That seems like a really good idea though even if it is a little expensive

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