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Hello Mummies :)

I am looking into buying a travel system for my 5 week old son. I dont get on with the one we've currently got, we need one that goes smoothly over any terrain, and that will fit nicely in our little peugeot 306. I had the obaby zezu for daughter and that was perfect, i loved the fact the carseat clipped straight onto the frame.. can anyone recommend a nice 3 in 1 similar? 


  • I have the Bugaboo Bee and can not fault it - it's a really petite frame and it's the smoothest ride ever. Also you can take the car seat out and just clip it on to the frame easy. It also folds down in one piece so no faffing about the seat on and off. 

    If you're looking for something larger my friend has the Britax Affinity and she really loves that - looks really nice too. 

    If you've got loads of money and want to splash the cash, have a look at the Egg which is so fancy but was totally out of my price range. 

  • Hi - I am in a similar situation and am also looking for something which is good off road and has a small fold.

    I like Egg, ICandy, Bugaboo and Mamas and Papas, which one does anyone recommend?? Best advice please!

  • If money is no object, go for the Egg - it has the most amazing folding - so easy and it looks lovely. iCandy are nice enough, but honestly love the Egg so much. Bugaboo Bee is ace, but i'm really not a fan of the Bugaboo Chameleon - really chunky and i don't like where the break is. 

  • Hi Victoria, thanks!

    I have to be honest I went to look at all of them and I didn't like Egg, it was too low down where the ICandy have the height raisers, also the handle was really dirty! I agree that the Bee is nicer than the Chameleon but again too low far ICandy is winning but the search continues! x

  • We have the bugaboo chameleon and I actually love it. I find the brake is in a great place as you don't have to keep flipping with the shoes. It is quite big though so not sure how the fit in the car would be but overall it's great on all terrain 👍🏻

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