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ICandy peach vs iCandy peach runner / all terrain

Hi guys, I'm 6 months into pregnancy with my 1st child & going through the ever stressful motions of pram choices. I'm a little in love with the iCandy peach but trying to understand whether there is any reason you couldn't go for the runner/ all terrain version Instead of the normal 4 wheeler? From what I can tell it's cheaper and the only main difference is 3 or 4 wheels!. Any recommendations or anything about the iCandy peach in particular you would advise from a tried & tested perspective??. Thanking you x


  • I had the same question so I asked John Lewis, they said that the difference is that the 4 wheel one can be turned into a double, which is why it is more expensive. I'm a little bit in love with it too! x

  • Hi Jen, thanks, I thought that was the case which for price almost makes it a no brainer, having said that, I guess you just don't know if there might be a need to double up!!. I'm torn. 

  • Hi Mel, I know what you mean! I went for the 4 wheel one in the Royal colour in the end as it has height adaptors you can use with it as well, apparently these can't be used in the 3 wheel mode as the pram could tip over. Have you made your decision yet? x

  • I certainly have, I went with the 4 wheeler too. In fact expecting delivery in the next couple of hours. So excited! I just hope I've made the right decision! Good luck x 

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. I am learning from it and Mellyg best of luck with your pregnancy. 

  • Hi,

    I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and have a 2yo Girl,.

    i have the Peach 3 with a pink carry cot, but im having a boy this time and really want the Cranberry Carrycot, does anyone know if the cranberry carrycot will fit on the Peach 3?

    Every time i Search it, it shows a the cranberry jogger, just need to  know if it will fit before i buy it.

    Thanks in advance


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