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Need help mum to be - can anyone recommend a pushchair?

Hello all

Im expecting in November and have been looking for pushchairs. Will be really greatfull if anyone can recommend one. Thank you.


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  • I had a silvercross with my last pregnancy and it was too big and bulky. I have a cosatto giggle 2 this time and love it. A few of the MPs in my due in forum went for the joie chrome I think it was called. Seemed to be popular. Sometimes going to shops and seeing what you like then you can find a cheaper price online or a 2nd hand one. It's really personal preference and what you will be soing with it. For example in and out car or public transport. Every day walks or for exercising/running. Etc x

  • Thank you milliesmummy, its all very confusing 🤔 I really appreciate you replying to offer your experience x

  • If you give more details on how you need the pushchair to meet your needs it'll be easier for people to advise.

    do you drive? If so do you want a travel system the car seat can go into frame? Also what do you drive so the system would fit in the boot? 

    Do you plan to do general town/city walking or country off road walking? 

    Do you require an adjustable handle/big shopping basket/ matching accessories etc?

    Do you have a budget?

    the more info you can give the more options that can be recommended. x

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