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Ickle bubba stomp system question

i have the ickle bubba stomp travel system and you have the carrycot which says to use until the baby can sit up roll over etc or it's unsafe, which my 4 month can rollover and is getting there with sitting up. But it says not to use the pushchair until 6 months. So what do I do can I use pushchair cos his not 6 months then another part of instructions says from up 6 months to 20kg im so Confused helpppppp 


  • I know what you mean! I was told by my GP that baby can go into the push chair basically when they can sit up unaided, mine was 4 months as well...this was around a year ago and everything's been fine.

    I have icandy but I don't think it makes much difference which pram you are using.

  • I emailed them as I was confused with the warnings as they contradicted each other and they said the 6 month thing is guidelines as most babies aren't strong enough till then. But I have ordered a stroller now as it more light weight and from any age as he likes to be nosey probably sell my ickle bubba not sure yet 

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