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Smoothie for breakfast. Yes or no?

Hi, ladies!
Do you make a smoothie for your children for breakfast? Is it enough for them or nevertheless they ask for sweets? Also, I don't know, which hand blender to buy. Which one do you use?


  • Hello, Amandaimage Yes, I make smoothie regularly thrice a weekimage Usually, I try to prepare vegetable smoothie. But sometimes, I can add fruits to make it a tastier. And if my children want sweets so much, I prepare just fruit smoothie. It is super tasty but so healthy. As for hand blender, I think it is better if you choose one for yourself. What is more important for you? Save the money or fast process? I think this review can help you [url=][/url] . It shows 5 best hand blenders, so definitely one will suit you. 

  • This is a great idea!! Do they like it though?

  • We make smoothies several days a week as an afternoon snack & my 2yo LOVES them!!! He starts getting excited & jumping around when he hears the blender ☺️. It’s such a hreat way to get a ton of fruit & veggies into them & they taste yummy! We use Some frozen fruit too as well as fresh for ease...  We usually do something like banana, pineapple, apple, strawberry, cherry, mango, prune, carrot & thin it out with some low sugar OJ. Sometimes we mix up the fruit (swapping out for blueberries, raspberries, grapes, cherries etc... really whatever we have on hand) & were experimening with adding in other veggies like beetroot & kale (which little man doesn’t seem to mind but I think it tastes yucky!).

  • Dailesey , they like it a lot!! You should try too.

  • SW2 , I totally agree with you. For smoothie we can add whatever we have on hand. That's why I think it is one of the easiest dish.

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