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The Rockit Rocker ‘rocks your baby’s pram, so you don’t have to’: fancy trying it out for us? 

Hi everyone,

We’ve just come across this new bit of kit called the Rockit Rocker. You attach it to your (stationary) pram and it gently keeps your pram rocking – hopefully keeping or sending your baby to sleep.

We have 5 of these Rockit Rockers, worth £39.99 each, and wondered if you fancy trying one out for us and letting us know what you think of it? (Rockit Rockers fit all models of pram and are suitable for babies aged 0-36 months)

If you fancy trying one and letting us know what you make of it, just post a reply to this thread, telling how old your baby is. 




  • We’d love to give it a try! Jenson is 9 months old :-)

  • Phoenix is 4 months old and struggling to nap in the day, this would be a potential help x

  • This would be brilliant. My baby is 12 weeks and will hardly sleep anywhere apart from me during the day!

  • Harrison turned 6 months old yesterday, and loves trying anything that means he is constantly moving ha ha! Think he gets that from me - we love trying new things and he hates staying still!!! 

  • Ooh what a fab idea! Theo is 4months old and would love some Rockit Rocker action please!! Xx 

  • This is Kit - he’s 5 months old & we’d love to try out the Rockit Rocker. Nap time & sleep is few & far between in our house! 💤

  • Hi!

    Stephen is 6 months old and he's fighting his sleep during the day. Would be really glad to test the product. 

  • Reply would love to try this 

     Harper is 7 months old 🎀

  • Yes would love to try it....Lucas is 9 months old. Would it work attached to the cot aswell as my little bundle of joy hates his cot :-) x

  • My baby never sleeps in her pram! I'd love to try it Rose is 9 months old. Thanks 

  • I’d give this a go, Lucie is 25 weeks today x

  • Would love to try this as Lyra is nearly 4 months old and every time the pram stops she wakes up so would be amazing too see if it would be worth it 

  • I would live to try this. Jackson is 7 months old 

  • What a great idea! Would love to try one, my little boy is 12 weeks old 😊

  • Would love to try this out and give feedback. 

    Georgie and Teddy are 3 months old :) 

  • Charlie is 4 months and refuses to sleep at all in the day even though he's tired. I always say I wish my pram could rock itself so we would love to try xx

  • Charlie is 4 months old and hes a little monster if his pushchair stops even for a minute he's wide awake yelling help me get something done lol 😂 

  • Would love this as my son does not sleep without me except in his pram/car seat so this would be a lifesaver as the minute I stop walking he wakes up!!! He is 5 months old 

  • Hey Toby is 5 months tomorrow, we would love to try this as at the minute I am resorting to hour long drives or long walks to get him to nap so never get anything done!

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Georgia is 7 months and for naps will sleep in moving prame so every time we stop she wakes so it would be good to try it out

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