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Help! Buying my daughter a princess bed for xmas!!


My daughter has been talking about transforming her bedroom into a princess castle for weeks and at first the idea was taken with a pinch of salt by me, I told her that her toys and bed sheets make it like a castle but after a trip to argos she was persistent of getting a princess style bed for Christmas.

I was very reluctant at first because I know how she is but she has been so persistent in the upcoming months that I really think it would make her Christmas if I was to get her one.

My problem is they do not come very cheap, I have read countless reviews and articles on different ones, some cost in the thousands!! I was shocked!

I am stuck between the 1st and 3rd bed on this website, however I have concerns over the bed having a ladder in the 3rd options due to safety, it would cause me worry, what are your opinions?

The first and third - (This is a special site that reviews them my hubby found it)

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