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Making a gift box for a pregnant friend - what presents did you find useful?


I am putting together a gift box for a friend who is expecting in April. I wanted to fill it with useful things and also things for her. So far I’ve got things like muslins, dribble bibs and a soft toy for the baby but I’ve also got things like hand cream and chocolate for her.

What presents did you find most useful?  Do you have any suggestions for other things to add?

thank you!


  • this is a lovely idea - you're a lovely friend! 
    I think throw in there a nightlight, or an Ewan the Dream sheep for the baby as that's a lovely toy. Also, some nice coffee or a Starbucks voucher or something would be lovely too. 

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  • What a thoughtful friend you are 😊. I think all your suggestions are lovely and agree with coffee shop vouchers for her x

  • If you are up for it, a friend of mine gave me a voucher for a few hours of babysitting and it was the best present ever! 

  • Norwegian formula hand cream.  Having a newborn is the time when you start washing your hands more than you ever have before, which can make them really sore and dry.  This stuff is the only cream that helps! :)

    Also some nice muslins, you can never have enough.

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