Boots parents and baby club

has any joined? I did.......and i got vouchers for huggies changing bag if i bought a pack of huggies nappies and a free single use camera......when i got up to the till the fella behind the checkout told me that although i was getting the camera for nothing i was still entitled to the buy one get one free offer so got two disposable cameras for nothing (??8.99 each) and a changing bag worth ??24.99 for nothing.........I spent ??52 in there yesterday and with all my freebies and savings i ony paid ??9..........WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!!!...........if you dont belong i recommend joining just for the freebies...........even if you dont need them lol


  • Hi

    Yes I joined almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I got the free huggies change bag and the free disposable camera, they were on buy 1 get 1 free when I got mine too. I didnt think would work as being free anyway but they said I could have another one, bonus!!
    I would totally recommend joining. I also joined the tesco mother and baby club thats good too, lots of vouchers to get free clubcard points when you buy nappies etc.
    Another thing I would recommed is joining the pampers and huggies websites as they will send you money off coupons for nappies.

    Vicki xx
  • trust me i've joined them all......after all they all have something for my favourite you joined the sma nutrition website too? you get a free baby towel & pregnancy/baby calender & various other bits
  • i love free things how do you go about joining ???
  • Hi bigmumma

    Thanks for that didnt know about the sma one, ive just joined, thought I had joined them all lol.


    If you go to and follow instructions you can join the boots parent club.
    I will list some other sites to join also -

    Hope this helps.

    Vicki xx
  • then there's also cow and gate they send you a toy cow
  • Do you need a code to get the toy cow? If so does anyone know what it is? I want one image
  • kia sorry i forgot about the code......i think this one should do it pb0507c
  • Cow & Gate code is MB0707C, well that's the one on the postcard out of one of this months magazines.

    Vicki, thanks for the SMA one, think that's the only one i missed, just waiting for all the lovely freebies and vouchers to start dropping through the letterbox now!!
  • go on hipp and join there baby club you get free bibs and also go on organix and they send you coupons they last a longtime aswell.hope that helps.
    try morrisons aswell.
    my baby is four months so i know them all x
  • i joined the boots parenting club recently and i didnt get these freebies?? are the offers in the book of coupons or in the mag? i might have just not seen them or it may have changed recently? im a bit disapointed x
  • Han you'll find them in the little book of coupons they send you
  • I didnt know about the hipp one either, thanks for that will go and join now.

    Han when you got info through from the boots parent club there should have been a book of coupons with buy 1 get 1 frees in and extra points etc, at the bottom of the letter should be a voucher to buy a pack of huggies and get a free change bag. If you didnt get this I would contact them.

    Vicki xx
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