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Bottle warmers/sterilisers

Hi there, can anyone tell me what sort of bottle warmer/steriliser is best to get please, there are so many on the market and I just don;t know which to choose! Thanks image


  • I've got the Lindam steam steriliser which has been great, can also been used as a bottle/jar warmer, also I use a jug of boiling water to warm bottles. If you get it from Argos it comes with free bottles, throw them staight in the bin cause they are rubbish!!xx
  • hi,we use the avent sterilizer and bottles but found that sometimes the bottles leak alot which is a pain when your half way through a feed.
  • I used the avent microwave steam steriliser, I thought it was the best for me as it was very quick and when I didnt need it, it would just be tucked away in the microwave, instead of taking up space on my worktops! :\) Obviously I also used the avent bottles too! I too found that sometimes they would leak a bit, but it wasn't a big problem for me. x
  • my sister in law has the tomy microwave/coldwater steriliser and it is really good the bottles have lasted well and still have the markings on them after a year of use so it goes without saying that is what i have brought! i got it for the second reason that we camp and so an electric steriliser would be no good then so this one will do both cold and hot sterilising depending where we are.

  • Thank you for the advice, off shopping tomorrow with my mum so will check them all out at Mothercare. xx
  • i use a micro steriliser and to warm my bottles i use a fisher price flask 10.99 from mothercare before i go out i put boiling water in the flask and 2oz of cooled boiledwater in the bottle then top up to oz i need instant ready bottle i also use it a nights no need to wait for bottles to warm up
  • hi,
    i used a microwave sterilizer twice before. I chose a microwave one because they are cheap, fast and like wenders said, it can be just tucked away in the microwave when not in use.
    I used advent botles 2, i got them with the sterilizer, although i dont remember them leaking!
  • Hi i used avent steam steriliser with my daughter and i have bought it again as it only takes 8 mins. I got mine from Toys R Us and payed ??40 and got steriliser, breast pump, loads of bottles, tongs, 2 dummies, 2 first beakers and more. Hope this helps :\)
  • hello

    I have got the Advent IQ 24. dEPENDS if you r going to breast feed or bottle feed. the reason i like it is that u can leave it on and it will continually sterilise even if you open the lid to get a bottle out you havent got a window where if you open the lid it will stay sterile for 3 hours then u have to re do it again. this will stay sterlie for 24 hours. if that makes sense.
  • It does make sense karla i just didn't want to spend ??60 on one. Hubby is moaning how much i have spent already image
  • when i had my daughter, i bought a steam steriliser and it packed in, than another which packed in! so this time i bought a microwave one, so if the microwave packs in and im broke, i wont be stuck as you can use them for cold sterilising too!! xx
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