Selling stuff on ebay


I know this has NOWT to do with being preggers but I need some help! I have sold some things on ebay but do you know what it means when it says '1 item you sold is eligble for a second chance offer'????

I don't understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaagggh, if anyone knows what this means can u pls let me know as it's annoying me!

Ta chicks,

Kate xx


  • it means that if you dont sell that item for some reason (eg if the buyer backs out) then you can offer it to the next highest bidder. be careful when it comes to selling things on ebay, i got told if you sell more than 5 items a month then the tax man can take a percentage of what you earn! xx
  • That's a tad offensive isn't it! I'll be damned if the tax man takes any of my ebay earnings as anything I've sold has gone for about a quid (think I've been putting my start prices a tad too low!).

    Thanks for letting me know about the second chance thingy, hopefully I'll have no issues and people will just pay me nice and quickly as time is running out and will not have time for this ebay malarkey when baba comes! Just trying to earn a few extra quid while I'm a lady o' leisure!
  • I've been ebaying for about 2 or 3 years now buying and selling. big expensive stuff and smaller cheap items, and i have never had the tax man knocking at my door!
  • They can only tax you on stuff if you are making a profit on it. If youre selling general stuff from round the house chances are you dont get as much as you paid for it so it shouldnt be a problem.
  • ive just been told it can happen, as then your classed as a business! ive never been taxed on anything, or know anyone that has! just been told about it! please dont shoot the messenger!! xx
  • You're not classed as a business if its your own personal items though are you? I've been buying and selling for 5 years as a private seller xxx
  • Hi Sazzyjay. Bought stuff from Ebay yesterday for the first time. x
  • woo hoo!! Hey Samantha, how you diddling?? I've not done a thing today lol xxx
  • I am bloody terrible Sazzyjay. I am not following pregnancy advice again!!! Glad you had a lazy day. Wish I had!! x lol x
  • Well I just couldnt be bothered to be completely honest! Glad i didn't do anything cos just got a text from work asking me to go in at 7am in the morning!! You ok?? xxx
  • Am fine really. Slept with a pillow between my legs to stop me rolling on to my back and my pelvis hurts and is swollen. Now my bump is aching again. But other than that am ok. Just really having problems walking about. 7am. That's early! Have you told them your pregnant yet?? x
  • Awh bless you *big hugs*...Yeah I couldnt keep it secret considering i found out at about 3 weeks!! I've got a lil pregnancy ticker on my myspace page and it looks so cute now!! xx
  • Now I have to cook dinner. Ouch. See ya later xx
  • Bye hun! and Take Care! xx
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