push chairs!!!!!

i need your help i am stuck about what pushchair/travel system to buy, i have a ford focus and need a travel system which fits in but i also have a labrador who needs his space as well. can any one give me advice i seem to be going round in circles and am still undecided!


  • I would suggest that you go along to a good baby shop and find one that you/ your partner/ your mum/ anyone else who'll need to use it regularly can all push/ fold etc. Yes, you need to have one that fits in the available space but if you choose one only on folded size then you might find it isn't suitable for what you need. e.g. I'm very tall but my arms are short in proportion, some pushchair handles can't be adjusted to my height. I am also disabled and a high level cot/ pushchair is easier for me to access. But we had a very small car which only just fitted my wheelchair. In the end we changed the car but as this was something we had been planning to do very soon anyway it was a sensible decision for us.
  • try loking at the quinny that was going to be our choice as i am in a similar situation what with my dog (he's a weimerana and a big boy at that) and my 10 year old all to get in the car but we are going for a 3 wheeler that comes apart made by jeep cos we live ruraly and we need extra suspention for the tracks and the beach.
  • I think I am going for a Quinny Buzz and asked for peoples opinions on the best buys section. I went to the baby show at the NEC at the weekend and spent most of the time pulling them apart and putting them back together. Everyone has got their own reasons for wanting something different - for example i already suffer a bad back so I need something light to get in and out the boot. The Buzz comes apart completely, including being able to take off the wheels really easily. Some of the others I tried were really heavy, or difficult to do so it's worth spending some time trying out a lot of them to see what's important to you.
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