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Going Eco Friendly

Hi, I have just taken my next step to become more eco friendly. I have started to replace all of my household products.

I found a great site which seems to be very cost effective. It also allows people to become distributors for a small fee of £25. (I have just taken a risk to work for myself so I can spend more time with my children.) I was just looking to see if any one else had taken the step to become eco friendly and how they have found it. 



  • Hi! I'm trying to become more eco-friendly and plastic-free! But at the moment it seems so expensive!! Once I've replaced everything it'll no doubt be a lot cheaper and more manageable, but for now I think every plastic-free alternative is over-priced. I'd like to lead a zero-waste lifestyle but not sure if I'll manage entirely. 

  • Completely understand, I am just replacing with eco products each time I run out. Little by little. I find this site very reasonable and only have to spend £30 for free shipping. X

  • Hi there. I am a new member and this is my first post here.

    Bamboo fiber products are quite popular nowadays. I think they are environmentally friendly and safer to use. I bought a couple of bamboo fiber bowls and bamboo fiber swaddles for my newborn nephew. 

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