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Venice Child Kangaroo travel system

so we have just got home from the Excel baby show and we were shown the Kangaroo travel system by Venice Beach. This was also by the larger company Mee-go. We really liked it but can’t find any independent reviews on the product or the company. Anyone have this buggy? What are your thoughts about it? It’s this or the silver cross Pioneer! 


  • Hi Lollystar86, how did you find The Baby Show? We really hope you enjoyed it?

    We carry a few reviews of some Mee-go products which you can find below. 
    Personally I have tried the Pioneer, and it is HUGELY popular on the MadeForMums Biggy Testing Track, so don't panic if you decide to buy that buggy - we have a review of that one too. 

    We hope this helps, and do let us know if you have any other questions, and we'll do our best to answer them. 

    Mee-go Trio
    Mee-go Feather
    Mee-go Milano Travel System
    Mee-Go Glide
    Silver Cross Pioneer

  • Thank you. Would you say Ames-go are a reliable company? As such a new brand there isn’t much out there?

  • *Mee-go not Ames-go 

  • Hi Lollystar86, i've not reviewed their products personally, but if you scroll down the Trio review, they've won quite a few coveted MadeForMum Awards in 2017, so that's definitely a good sign! It can be so hard knowing which choice to make can't it?

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