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Pampers research

Hi there, I hope you're all having a lovely day and may be able to help me?

My name is Millie I am a student at Falmouth university studying creative advertising and as a part of my marketing module i'm doing a case study report into why parents chose the nappies they do, with my objective being: To investigate whether consumers buy Pampers because of the brands reputation or because of the functional benefits.

I have to conduct primary research and in the small cornish town i am slightly limited in my access to mums so i was wondering if any of you on here would be willing to participate in my questionnaires? They are both completely anonymous and the data will only be published to a private domain for my lectures to mark. If you do not use pampers that doesnt prevent you from filling out the questionnaire, it in fact helps me broaden my research as i am currently only in the first stage :) 

questionnaire 1:

questionnaire 2: 

All of your feedback is greatly appreciated and if anyone has any questions, please do ask!

thanks :) 

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