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Type of crib/cot to buy

I'm not sure whether to invest in a moses basket, bassinet(crib) or purchase a cot so that it lasts longer To save cost? What do other people suggest? 


  • I got the icandy peach carrycot which is safe to use as a moses basket, saved me a few pennies although I probably only needed it for 15 weeks.  

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  • I had the Next2Me co-sleeper and it was great because they're made for newborns and my son slept literally right next to me! It was a bit pricey but my sister bought it off me seeing as we didn't use it for long and it was still in perfect condition. It's worth the investment in a bassinet or co-sleeper for the safety aspect, but you'll need a cot later on. 

    Having paid more for the co-sleeper, we bought a mini-crib for the nursery which was cheaper than a full-size cot but still big enough for our son to be comfortable. Apparently we can use it up until 35 pounds and that seems about right, but we'll see.

  • I had a next to me bed in our room and a Moses basket down stairs...Moses basket was fab but only used for about 3 months then he was to big for it, next to me is great baby sleeps right next to you and can be In it until they can sit up or crawl...was pricey but totally worth it especially if you plan to have more could save by buying a pram with a carry cot so then you could use that instead of a Moses basket in the day? I also got by son a cot for his room I got it on eBay and it’s one that turns into a bed as he gets older and it was only like £100 so that’s a bargain as it will last until he is 4 years old...on eBay from a shop seller not just a random person lol

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