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Mamas and Papas Skate pushchair (also in Baby)

Hello, has anyone got one, can you tell me what you think, if you're happy etc. I've been having major dilemmas this week about the pram, Have gone from Bugaboo Bee, Quinny Buzz 4 wheel, Loola in the space of three days. The skate looks good, has carrycot and pushchair mode, and best of all, is on offer currently at ??399. I really wanted the bugaboo bee, but somehow was uneasy at paying ??419 for something tiny, that didn't have a pram bit (baby due in October)



  • Hiya,
    We've got the Mamas and Papas Herbie for our one, I saw the Skate in the shop and dismissed it cos it doesn't have a basket underneath. Apart from that I can't offer an opinion, but that really put me off....
  • i originally looked at skate, and loved it but then changed my mind.
    1) no basket!
    2) very heavy - so hard to lift into car if c-sect occurs
  • Hey hun,
    I have the Skate in Indigo Denimn and absolutley love it!! I think its more gorgeous than any of the other pushcairs and is really practicall!!!

    I havent taken it outside but had a real good push around in the shop and I do love it... would defo recomend! You have a good price there too.. I paid ??605 for the full travel system and stand but thats because they didnt put my colour in the sale! xx
  • I loooooved the Skate when we first saw it but also dismissed it because:

    1) no basket
    2) V heavy/awkward to lift
    3) only compatible with M&P car seat which my sister has and hates with a passion.

    The Mothercare MyChoice is v similar but solves all the above problems. We got that in the end.

  • I have the skate - I went through an other pram first its fantastic! - dont be put off by the lack of basket - I can fit a full weeks shopping on the mesh tray th the clips - you can stack so much on it its fab!

    Ican switch from up right top the full pram as soon as baby falls alseep! its soooooo good

  • i have it and loved it AT FIRST!! but after using it i have these problems...

    only compatible with M&P primo viaggio car seat....which is VERY heavy to carry on its own and M&P do no sun parasol for the car seat - the hood is rubbish at stopping the sun....

    the pram is nice but the sun visor for that is a full one which civers the whole pram section...ok when baby is newborn but when its sat up and interested it cant see out!! and again no parasol!! (we have bought a mothercare universal - wide fit attachment parasol which attaches when the handle is extended but not perfect!)

    the rain hood and sunvisor are separate so its a lot of faffing about especially for this uk weather!!

    the carrycot harness doesnt push away easily so you have to hide it carefully fir when LO is newborn so its not too uncomfy for LO

    otherwise i like it!! hahaha .... to be honest i wouldnt buy it again xxx
  • Thanks for the advice girls. I have bought it, it should be delivered today. I'm happy with the decision, we didn't get the car seat, as we already had the maxi cosi cabriofix, and I'm not bothered with being able to put the car seat on the pram frame. The basket isn't great, and I'll look into buying a universal parasol as bon79 has said. Overall though, i thought the Quinny was really heavy, and know if I bought the bee, I'd be replacing it in a year anyway!! Prams are so difficult aren't they. For everyone that loves theirs, there are loads more that have problems!!

  • sure you will be fine with it hun...i dont hate it...except or the car seat thing but you wont need that so it will be just fine!! xxx
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