Baby Monitors

Hi all, my husband and I live in a two bedroom open plan apartment, so are not sure whether to invest in a baby monitor. The baby will be with us for the first six months anyway, so is it best to wait?


  • Doesnt do any harm to wait and see if you need one or not, you can always pick one up from argos or where ever when babs if here. No point in spending out money if your not going to end up using them.
  • i wasnt sure wether to get 1 either but ther 9.99 in lloyds pharmacy normally 34.99 such a bargain thought might aswell get 1 now while cheap!
  • When i had my first baby I lived in a flat and although I bought baby monitors I never actually used them. Baby's cry was loud enough even when she was in her own room! They're useful to have while visiting people though. x
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