Maxi Cosi Car Seat


Just been having a mooch on e bay at prams and things and I fell in love with a car seat!! I know you shouldn't buy a second hand one so I won't but I really do love the design and I can't find it anywhere and I've been trawling the internet for the last hour!!
I'm hoping maybe someone on here can shed any light as to where I might get the Maxi Cosi infant seat in the zebra print design?!!
I know it's a bit loud and freaky but I really like it!

Any ideas will be greatfully received!



  • hi. i'm not sure that the zebra print one is available any more. my friend bought one 2 years ago for her first baby so i think that another design may be out now. but the actual car chair is lovely. my local mother care stocks the maxi cosi but not in the colour way that you want. happy hunting.xx
  • I think Pen is right unfortunately, the maxi cosi is great though. If you want something a bit different there are some German retailers on Ebay that have colours that aren't available here. One of my friends ordered a stage 1 car seat from them and it came really quickly and was as cheap as buying it here.
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