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Bonavi 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair?

Hi everyone, 

I'm Teresa, Esa for short. I am in a dilemma when it comes to buying a pram. I must have seen 50 prams over the past few months and I have no clue on which to choose. I saw on Instagram (@thegeorgiaedit) she has a pram from a company called Bonavi... I have not seen or heard about them before, has anyone bought a pram from them and if so would you recommend it? I like the look of it but I am just not sure. 


  • Hi Esa - I just ordered a pram from Bonavi, it will not arrive for a couple of weeks so once I receive it I will let you know what I think about it. I can say that the customer care was amazing tho. I'm excited to use it, I am due soon so I just hope it arrives before then. I hope this helps. image

  • @esapierceI just got my Bonavi pram & its wonderful... very sleek and really useful to take on the tube and to go shopping. It's just the right size and it allows my son to sleep or wiggle around while we are out and about. I would definitely recommend getting one... It's worth the wait!

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