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Head lice treatments: like to try some products for us? Read on for out how to sign up


Perhaps not our most glamorous product test, but we’re looking to test out some lice treatments for our Reviews section on MadeForMums, and so we are setting up this thread to recruit testers.

If you have a child who is prone to catching lice (we know some kids seem to suffer more than others – one MFM staffer has one of these children!) we would like to send you a lice treatment, to have ready and waiting to treat, and then we would ask you to answer some questions after the event.

To signup to be in with a chance of testing a lice treatment for us, please post the age of your child/children on this thread. We’re looking for around 20-30 testers, so please do spread the word if you know other parents of kids who also seem prone to lice.

You will also need to take this 2-min survey which asks for a few other details.

Any questions, please do leave them on this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them.




Yes, that is an actual lice combed out from one of MFM staffers kids hair this week. Hateful little critters. 


  • with my daughter being 10 she is always getting head lice from her school friends no matter how many times you clear they always come back and i find it hard to get rid of the eggs do we would try any treatment that would work

  • 2 of my daughters have long hair and are very prone I don't need to test a treatment but for any mums out there struggling I have found her in once to be the most effective treatment for us and I have been through a few. X

  • Hedrin once that is. X

  • Just bumping this thread as we'd love more people to take part.

  • Would love the chance to try treatment, three girls and a boy aged 8yrs 6yrs 5yrs and 3yrs

    the girls all have long blonde hair and it’s a nightmare, conditioner and combing all the time. anything that helps keep them clear would be a bonus! 

  • My 6 year old seemed to have headlice all of year one it was never ending. We got all the  headlice treatments and they always cae back once to went to school. Her class seem to have 1or 2 children who always had it we would love to test this 

  • my daughters just caught them for the first time :( she is 3 years old 

  • 9 Yr old with hair down to her bum, constantly getting them, it usually takes two bottles of treatment repeated twice to get rid and then she will only be clear for a wk! Drives me mad, her hair is so thick and long l don't think the treatment covers it, we then conditioner and nitty gritty comb. Would love to try something to find a solution! 

  • i no the feeling ljmc199 my 10 yr is same plus trying to keep the nits out the family

  • I have a 6 year old girl, 5 year old boy and a 4 year old boy who is about to start school. 

    Oddly enough it's the 5 year old boy who gets them most often!

    I'm willing to give anything a go, I hate the things. My 5 year old has sensory difficulties too, so intrigued to know if there are any new products out there without the strong smell or textures that he struggles with. 

  • I have a 12 year old in high school and she keeps getting them. Was never a problem in primary but its driving me and her mad now. 

  • my 10 year old has shoulder length hair and is a magnet for headlice which soon means 4/5 in my house are all scratching

  • My son is 4 and Just about to start school- we Have had them before and dreading the school classroom. 

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for signing up. We're just going to leave this thread open a short while longer and then we'll let you know how we're doing for testers soon. 

  • I have 2 girls one in misery and the other yr two! There are always lice going around the school! I would be happy to try your product .

  • Nursery not misery lol

  • Thanks everyone for offering to help us test these products. We have enough people now so we're going to lock this thread. 

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