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Anyone have a iCandy Strawberry or Silver Cross Surf? Please help!


Baby coming in a few weeks and we're still without a pram. 

Think we've boiled it down to either the iCandy Strawberry or the Silver Cross Surf. Only problem is we can only see the SilverX online and haven't been able to find it any local shops.

If anyone has either of these can you please let me know what is good and bad about them?

We have a dog and live in countryside so want one good for different terrains that is easy to fold and take carrycot/seat out. Also must feel nice to push and fold up easily and ideally quite small (which is what puts us off icandy strawberry) to give dog plenty of space in the boot still.

Also, if you got the silvercross surf recently - where did you buy it from?!

Thanks so much for your help!


  • Hi i have owned the strawberry. It has a massive basket and lovely to push off road and comes with carrycot. Howver it is large folded so i would suggest you test it in hour car first. The silver cross surf has a tiny basket. Im not sure about fold though. 

  • Thanks Sebbie. How is the icandy on different terrains? Have you ever had problems with leafs getting stuck in the front wheels?! 


  • I thought it was pretty good. I dont own it now. I am a bit of a pramaholic 🙈. I loved it but it took up so much room in the boot. I was trying to think of a suitable alernaitive. if hou like the surf have you had a look at silver cross pinoneer. although the icandy orange is more expensive it folds much smaller. I love icandys and find them a very solid pushchair. I currently have a peach and its my best pushchair for walks. The only other option is to go for an out and about thpe pushchair. I am not sure i am helping! If you phone silber cross they may be able to tell you where has the surf in stock to view 

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