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Does any one have a my hummy?

i have seen lots of positive things about my hummy. Butbdoes anyone have one? My son is 18months and recently started waking in the night would it be any good for an older baby? 


  • Hi Sebbie1952, hopefully someone will come and let you know if they have a my hummy, but in the meantime, we have covered it in this article, which we thought might be of interest.

  • We have a similar one - my advice would be to try a white noise app on your phone if it works then get a my hummy. They are bloody expensive for what they are and I wish I’d just bought a white noise box of amazon that I can plug in because I’ve also spent a fortune on battery’s!! 

  • Thanks! We have the gro owl but ive never actually tried it with my son so will give that a go

  • Thanks i will have a look

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