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Double buggy for baby and toddler


i just wanted peoples opinion on a double buggy for toddler and baby as I’m due in feb. I need one that can get up stairs as I live in flats, I don’t have a car so not fussed about it folding small I will just need it easy to get on bus and up stairs 



  • My cousin got the Joie Air Twin as she had the same as you and needed to take it up and down two flights of stairs and this was the most lightweight. Give it a google but she loved it, and it's not loads of money either

  • This was one I was looking at but I’m torn between a side by side or tandem but I feel side by side would be good for getting up the stairs but worried about shops 

  • I text her - she said it was fine - bit tricky in some door frames but not so bad she would have preferred a tandem. She also said have a look at the McLaren too. 

  • Hi the out and about v4 double is great and u can buy a carry cot but it's also from. Birth with out carry cot and its easy to fold. 

  • Yeah I’ve been looking at forum and this one seems to come up a lot so think I will go for it but without the carrycot as they outgrow that I will just buy a head support 

  • Hi MotherPig, we have an article about best double buggies for baby and toddler right here. Hopefully it will help. 
    Also another article here about lightweight ones. 
    We'd love to hear what other people are using too. 

  • Hi have the Bugaboo donkey 2 duo but would not recommend it if u have to go I. The bus and up and down stairs it's heavy

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