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Baby Monitor HELP ME! PLEASE!

So I have spent the last 5 days browsing the internet for baby monitors and I feel I have made no progress! They all have horrible reviews! I want a video one that has night vision and talkback and ideally for the parent control to have a nice sized screen and good quality video. All the reviews seems to be very negative saying bad battery or breaks After only a few months!

I think potentially the summer panoramic 2.0 or BT 6000 look good. Has anyone had any experience with these?

or could anyone recommend a video monitor they’ve used for a long time and has lasted? 


  • We have a motorola connect - you can get an app on your phone so if lo is babysat you can log in and see them! I love this, love seeing her sleeping soundly at grandmas Or with Dad at home if I’m out. 

    The video screen is big, night vision is very clear and connects well to our WiFi and we live in a old house with solid walls.

    It has talk back and also music. I will sometimes pop music on via the control once she has woke up so I can get dressed and start warming her bottle.

    works very well for us! 

  • We use a Motorola one. It’s great. We bought an additional camera direct from Motorola when we had baby 2. And although our two are older (2 and 4) we still have it rotating between the 2 cameras on their rooms because our lounge is quite far from their bedrooms (bungalow). It has night vision and talk back. Not sure which model it is (it’s old anyway) but i’m sure they’re all similar.
  • Twice that. I had a Motorola video monitor, and that was brilliant. It lasted ages and it was reassuring and cute to be able to see the baby without disturbing them.
    The main thing I would say I would 100% want in any monitor is the ability to talk to them through it, as it's been invaluable in settling the toddler when he/she just needs some reassurance.

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