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Which buggy for new baby and toddler - want side by side

I am expecting baby no. 3 imminently and have a one year old and 3 year old toddler. I managed to avoid getting a double buggy last year as my eldest was a good walker and doesn't like the constraints of a buggy plus I mostly drive. That said with a 13 month and new baby double buggy cannot be avoided.. I am really stuck I love the look for the Bugaboo Donkey but looking for a cheaper alternative as want baby to be forward facing and prefer side by side as opposed to top to bottom.. Any suggestions? 


  • congrats on your new baby coming! Have to say, my best friend had the donkey and it really wasn't that great - it's SO big and wide, but it is great that you can shrink it back for just the one baby. Another friend who had twins loved her mountain buggy, so i reckon that's worth looking at, and also the Baby jogger city mini is great too. 

    If you have your heart set on the Donkey though, deffo check out second hand ones as you can save a load of money on ebay x

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