hello im going out the weekend to buy bedding for my crib what do you sugesst that i buy to put over my baby to sleep hes due june so should be warm im unsure??


  • I am using a sleeping bag, i have two different togs a 1tog and a 2.5tog.
    I am unsure aswell as this is my first baby but i will try him with the 2.5 first hes due 2nd may and might still be chilly here on nights then its never really hot here is it??
    If he is hot then ill put him in his 1 tog, thats what im doing anyway x
  • P.s i have bought a crib bale from mothercare aswell just incase he doesnt sleep well in the sleeping bags x it tells you in mothercare book what sheets etc to use depending on room temp, thats where i got my info from x
  • My HV told me not to use sleeping bags until they are a week or 2 old cos they're rubbish at controlling their body temperatures til then. I don't see the harm tho, obviously if they were too hot you'd put them in a blanket or 2 instead. I think most people have enough common sense to tell if their baby is too hot/cold as long as you go by feeling their tummy or back of neck and not their hands.
  • Hi Toni, sleeping bags are always a good option as it makes it impossible for them to kick off the blankets or wriggle down under them. You can only use them from 7lb 7oz though so it is worth having some sheets and blankets as well incase your lo turns up smaller than this. We have tried sleeping bags from lots of different places and the Grobag ones are definately the best, they have extra armhole poppers so they fit little babies really well. Don't forget that you can change the amount of clothing they wear as well, normally my lo goes to bed in a shortsleeved bodysuit, sleepsuit and 2.5tog sleeping bag. The bedding charts from mothercare are useful but just like adults some babies feel the cold more. When we followed them to the letter my lo kept waking up because she was cold so we had to add extra layers. If it is really warm it is fine for them to sleep in just a nappy, maybe with a thin sheet over them.
    Hope this helps
    Kerry xx
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