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:\? hi, can i have a bit of help!!! i am currenlty trying to buy nursery furniture and just wondered which was better a cot or a cot bed? have seen a lovely cot but they look smaller than cot beds? is there much difference? not so bothered about it being a bed as will prob just get a bed at the right time anyway but am just confused. are the cot beds worth the extra money or is a cot ok? Help!!!!!!


  • I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old (and one due in 7 wks). Im hoping to keep the baby in the crib thats my OH used when he was a baby. all of my kids have been in this to start with. Im just hoping that the baby doesnt outgrow it too quickly! I will then put the baby into my 1 yr old's cot, moving her up to my 3 yr old's little bed. then my 3 yr old can have a proper bigger girls bed. Just hope my 1 yr old is big enough for the bed by the time the baby outgrows the crib!!! Very confusing- especially as my 3 yr old wants a bed with a slide!
  • Hey Hayley, just a quick one, if you havent done so already check out ebay, I've just come across a company on there selling brand new pine cotbeds with a free foam mattress worth ??50 for ??69.99 plus ??19.99 p&p. Dont know how good it is but that is bloody cheap!
  • i have got a moses basket for the first few months and i have then got a cotbed so we dont need to worry about getting a bed in a few yrs time.
  • hi thanks and i will check out the ebay thing eva ta xx
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