Smart Device for My Teen Daughter?

Hello Everyone!

I personally believe that be a mom of a toddler is easy as compared to be a mom of a teen girl. My girl is good at studies, but as she is becoming young and beautiful, she wants to make lots of friends. Mainly, I don't like her company at the social networking site.

Recently, she uses my phone to use social media, but she has a wish to have a smartphone. I can gift her a smartphone on her upcoming birthday, but I am afraid whether she would able to draw a line between good or bad company at social media?

When I talked with my friend Linda, she just referred me this blog to read the benefits of using social media for teens. 
Can you suggest me how I can keep an eye on her activities and in this regard, which brand or type of smart device or phone should I have to gift her?

Please come with serious suggestions. 


  • Brand or type of smart device is your and her choice, that has nothing to do with the company she will keep and what kind of activities she would be part of. But I think Iphone is the best option as compared to all. 

    Secondly, you can let her use social media on conditions that you can monitor her activities may be? Because I feel at this age no one can stop teenagers when it comes to social media. 

    Best of luck!

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