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What does my newborn do in the day?

This is a question I found myself asking when I was pregnant and when my little one first came into the world (she is now 2 months old.) I wondered what will she do in the day and where will she sleep when we are down stairs as she can’t be in her cot all day. We were told to get a poddle pod and as they were a great price compared to other beands we bought one not knowing if it would be useful or not. It has literally been the best thing I have bought. we Use it as a safe, comfortable place to but her down in and it must feel like a giant cuddle as it cushions all around her. A dedicated must buy! If you do want to buy one use the code RL10 for 10% off.

I was curious as to where else people put their babies in the day when they are sleeping? 


  • Put their babies on the bed? :D
  • We bought a "baby nest" on Etsy, which is similar to a dockatot but a bit smaller and way cheaper. It works great - my now 6 month old sleeps between my husband and I. My daughter has never been able to sleep in her crib at night but the baby nest at least makes it so I can sleep without her on top of me the whole night. And of course it has made breastfeeding at night much easier. I know co-sleeping isn’t for anyone but it’s the only way I’ve been able to get any sleep since she was born.
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