Hi guys, I’m expecting my first baby in June and I’m trying to buy bits each month so the cost doesnt seem so bad lol. I was just wondering has anybody used / has one of the next 2 me cribs, and if so which is the best one? Also does anyone use one of the pillows to help with ‘flat head’ or is that just another fad product, any help appreciated TIA!


  • Personally i wouldnt worry about a pilliow for flat head. If baby has plenty tummy time when awake and not laid down all the time baby should be absolutely fine.

    next to me cribs are great. There are a few other brands out there now too like purflo which may be worth looking at. If you are breastfeeding i would recommend one where the side fully drops and which can be made level with your bed as this helps so much for night feeding. Try popping into somewhere that stocks them to have a look and see what you like. They are much bigger than a moses basket and great to flat pack and take when you stay elsewhere so i would definitely recommend one, but does not necessarily need to be the chicco one. 
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