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Recommendations for baby sling/carrier

My little one is 4 weeks old, he doesnt like the pram at the moment and always wants a feed on the school run (im breastfeeding) so im looking into a baby sling or carrier that i can feed in wich has good reviews. Can anyone reccomend one please xx


  • I have bought the ergo baby omni 360, gets great reviews, tried it out with a weighted doll at the baby show and it felt great, better than the carrier I had with my first. You can breastfeed in it too. 
  • Thanj you sebsmummy ill go and have a look at it x
  • It's not the lowest priced around but does birth to toddler in 4 positions so it has time to make it's money back so to speak! It will definitely get its use on the rainy school runs as will be so much easier than a pram! 
  • I use the Amawrap sling, perfect from newborn (can breastfeed in it) and less bulky than other carriers. Really easy to put on and folds away in my bag. Been a lifesaver so far x 
  • I had a mothercare one, I absolutely hated it. I’ve now got the classic baby bjorn and my little one loves it, easy to put on as well. I got mine on the marketofmums app, brand new for £10 👍🏻
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