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Has anyone used the icandy raspberry from birth without a carrycot?

Hi all, after a bit of first hand advice as my head is spinning from all the options !

I'm a ftm and I've just ordered the icandy raspberry (the newer model from what I can gather). I love the pushchair and the reason I got it is because we live in the city, no car, on and off buses, small flat and travel a lot. I was told that as it lays flat it was suitable from birth and I could get a 'newborn pod' for baby to lay in.

This is where I get confused - the 'newborn pod' doesn't seem to be being made anymore. There is a 'duo pod' but I don't know if this is suitable for newborns. How do the pods attach to the seat? Which ones should I get?

If anyone has used a icandy raspberry from birth with a pod rather than carrycot I'd love to hear your advice ! 



  • I had a bugaboo bee which is really similar to the raspberry - that also had a pod (they call it a cocoon) and i loved it. 
    Gotta say the babies grow out of it superfast too, so not worth spending hundreds on the baby carrier. I reckon the duo pod looks just like their newborn pod, just renamed. Totally recommend buying a second hadn one on ebay as you can bung it in the washing machine, and it'll be good as new. it should attach with the seatbelts? 
    dunno if this helps:: 
  • Thank you very much for your reply. I agree I think the carrycot would be a bit of a waste for us - the icandy one is £180 too!!!

    my only concern is the duo pod looks quite big for a newborn .. hoping someone on here may have used it? 
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