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Hi guys im pregnant with my 3rd baby and my youngest will be 3 when baby is born he still has naps if i am out all day so was wondering should i get a double pram or get one of the buggy boards im so confussed thanks for reading 


  • I have 9 children and I’ve always bought a single Pram and used a buggy board, when this. Any arrived my son will be nearly 2 and a half so old enough for the buggy board, how ever I do have a double Pram also for days when I know we will be out all day. It’s what ever works best for you. Maybe use a single and get a good quality used double. I have the red kite twini and it’s a great double pushchair and suitable from birth they are £180 new but really easy to fold and store and super lightweight to push
  • When this baby arrives my son will be 2 and a half***
  • I would say get a single, buggy board and baby carrier. My little one is almost 3 and he hates going in the pushchair for too long. He much prefers his buggy board. At least if you have a sling then if your toddler wants a nap you can move the baby from the pushchair into the sling while he naps. I had a double but definitely prefer a single. It’s personal choice and knowing what’s going to work best for you and your family. 
  • Cause he’s 3 id 100% recommend single with buggy board or let him walk with safety straps maybe? But still have buggy board when he gets tired you can even get a little bike that goes on back on Pram it’s like a seat maybe he would prefer that ? If he was younger I would of said the egg pushchair as that can be single or double hope this helps 
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  • We have started using the new BabaBing Stroller. It's great Value for money and such a nice product. Highly Recommended! I do believe they were looking to release a double stroller too.
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