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Need suggestions on baby teething toys..!

My nephew is 5 months old and he's teething..he's putting his fingers into his mouth to reduce the discomfort ..,i started researching  for some teething toys online and found these  comotomo silicone baby teether and so'pure circle teether. which is the best & safe toy to buy among these two., please do suggest me if you know any other best teethers & some tips to reduce his pain and irritation, thanks in advance. :)


  • Hi!
    I have some silicone teethers and dust sticks to them like crazy so they are a nightmare to keep clean! I don't bother with them now.
    We use Nuby teethers, she likes a lot of them, especially the Nuby chewbie teethers which my LO loves (almost 5 months!). She also likes harder plastic to chomp on. We have lamaze toys and she bites the hard loops you use to attach it to things.
    Alot of my friends rate the sophie la giraffe teething toys also so the second link might be a good buy!
    Another one which is well loved is called matchstick monkey.
  • My little one’s absolute favourite is a matchstick monkey, she loves it and the textures, it’s like a training toothbrush too!
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