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Amazon Baby Wishlist Misleading - my experience

I have to express my disappointment in Amazon's misleading advertising when it comes to the baby wishlist promotion. 

I spent hours creating an Amazon Baby Wishlist only to find that out of the 21 products on my list (worth over £800), only 5 of them (worth a measly £170 and including a rubber duck worth £2.50) qualified for the wishlist discount. At this level of spend I didn't even qualify for 10%. Some of the items which did not qualify included a Cuddlbug baby sling, a Shnuggle baby bath, an Ergobaby carrier, a Babybjorn travel cot and the Tommee Tippee complete feeding set. These are standard baby products in my opinion.

In my view, Amazon are simply using this promotion as a way of selling you the false hope that your items will qualify, then leveraging the fact that most people can't be bothered to go through the hassle of finding them all again elsewhere, so will buy them on Amazon anyway, boosting their profits. They let you add unqualifying to the list; they refer to a non-existent page which is meant to detail what qualifies and what doesn't; after spending 2 hours on the phone trying to understand why the code doesn't apply, they won't even let you complain.

This is a shocking example of very irresponsible behaviour towards the consumer and I would encourage you all not to waste your time and energy on this promotion, as I have. In the end we bought as much as we could through John Lewis, through which we had a much better experience.


  • I totally agree. I’ve gone right off Amazon now. I used a website called Things to Get Me last year for Christmas lists. Worked better for us anyway because we could ask for stuff that’s not on Amazon that way, so greater variety.
  • Completely agree! The number of times I tried entering the code, even after items amazon suggested I add to the baby wishlist. Utter waste of time for the discount. I just used the list as a shopping list to look for items elsewhere. 
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