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Pregnancy tests

in a bit of a panic right now, done a manual pregnancy test from asda that came back positive. However the morning after i took 2 digital clear blue tests and they came back negative. Im really confused with what result to go by.


  • I experienced this once, went to the doctors and did a test there, it came back negative, the doctor said it may have been a chemical pregnancy.
    Good Luck for the future 💕
  • Hi lovely! The digital tests require a lot more HGC than the line tests to actually pick up! 
    I wasn’t trying so didn’t test early. But I got a positive digital at 7 weeks. And it only said 2-3. I’m 38 weeks now. 
    Your positive is strong.. but still a little faint! So it’s looking good I’d say! Leave it 48 hours and try another digital! Keep me updated 🥰xx
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