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Dangerous furniture - Company Tutti Bambini

To all parents, I am a new mother. Just want to share my horrific experience with my nursery units bought from this company called Tutti Bambini. This company is irresponsible and unprofessional, I don't want any parents to go through what I have. They have a large section at the BabyShow, don't get deceived by the looks of it, they are not a reputable company!!!!!

I bought a 3 piece set but the quality is really terrible and dangerous. I had to complain to this company about a part that does no fit, then the surfaces chip and dent easily. 
Most of all, the PAINT FEELS OFF!!!! This happens only after 4 months of use. 

Contacted company with evidence of fault on products, highlighted this is a health and safety hazard to children who will potentially ingest the paint, but they took no notice of the risks and refused to take the unit back for a refund.

I have spent so much time trying to resolve this when I should just be spending time with my little one. I am still in the process to getting my money back. 

Hope no parents need to deal with this ever. 
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