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What age did you introduce a pillow to your baby/child?

edited Nov 20, 2019 7:46AM in Products & best buys
Ladies, I'm looking for a piece of advice.

We noticed last night that our 16 month old DD was using her teddy bear as a pillow.
Until now we haven't had a pillow because of the SIDS guidelines, but I guess she could probably have one now! Or am I wrong?

So here are my questions. Isn't she too young? At what age did you introduce a pillow for your bb? And what kind of pillow did  you bought? I found some information about "special" toddler pillows, but I don't know whether these are considered to be safe or not.

Thanks in advance, since, well, it was more obvious with our DS, as he got his first serious pillow (flat from Ikea) around 2,5 years.

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