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Breast pump advice- first time mum


I'm currently breastfeeding but I'm looking at expressing soon -not exclusively - so my husband is able to help feeding and bond with our little one as well.  I'm a FTM and my baby is 4 wks old. We have a whole set of tommee tippee bottles and I would like to know when I should be looking at starting to express and what are people's opinions on which breast pump is best to use. 

Currently I'm looking at the Tommie tippee electric or one from amazon but I'm a little unsure about it. 

Ideally I don't want to be spending too much as y won't be expressing exclusively until when I go back to work.

Thanks in advance! 😊


  • I believe the advice is to wait until baby is 6 weeks before expressing so you don’t create an oversupply or risk a bottle preference. Having said that, I think I waited until about 8 weeks and my baby would not accept a bottle whatsoever. She hated the teats. And so began my venture to try several different style bottles with no luck. She never did take to it, maybe I want persistent enough... 
    One of the main things to remember is to pace feed, this will help to prevent a bottle preference. 

    I was given an old medela pump by a friend which worked fine. So I can’t comment on wether the ones you’re looking at are good or not. I’d say just read through the amazon reviews and see which one fits your needs! 

    One last thing... this thing is amazing... it’s a milk catcher, so you suction it to the opposite breast whilst you’re feeding baby on the other. Catches all the let down during a feed. 

    NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Saver Suction | Bonus Pump Strap, Stopper, Cover Lid, Pouch, Air-Tight Vacuum Sealed in Hardcover Gift Box. BPA Free
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