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Prams so many help

Hay everyone this is my 1st post ever..

Due to current situation we are unable to go to shops and test out baby stuff.. so I'm trying to do it all online..

I'm currently looking for a pram and was hoping I could get recommendations and reasons why..

This is my 1st baby

I need something suitable for me.. so I plan on wearing baby as much as possible, I want it be suitable for off road as live in country.. easy to fold and transport as will use car a lot-preferably not to heavy..


  • I have bought silver cross pram 3 in 1 in advance for my first baby I'm nearly 27 weeks. I have bought it online im satisfied with my purchase. I hope this helps I havent gone to the shop prior to buying. But as I got the whole bundle it's worth it and good quality. 
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