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Mothercare journey edit pram fit with Cybex Cloud Z

Laura580Laura580 New
edited Apr 6, 2020 2:43PM in Products & best buys
Hi all,
New here so hope I am doing this right, just windering dise anyone know if the Cybex cloud z car seat fits the mothercare journey edit pram? I have tried googling and contacting mothercare/mamas and papas/cybex and no one is getting back to me I would say  because of all that is going on.
I'M due mid june and really need to get the pram and seat ordered but really like the cloud z seat fir protection of baby and the swivel isofix base as i have a car and bad back. But wabt the budget of the mothercare pram as the seat and base is expensive. I'd really appreciate any advice..thanks 😁


  • You actually dont even need isofix base as its waste of money considering the price of it I have been told by many of my friends who already got kids that isofix isnt MUST. Cybex or maxi cosi is a good car seat. I'm due on 6 of july and I have already bought pram which is silver cross with maxi cosi car seat. I guess you need to go for something that will save you money if you are on the budget. Have a look at the bundles on Samuel johnston or kiddies Kingdom  website they still do deliveries.  
  • Hi Ayana, thanks for that. Just the isofix base is the thing that makes the seat swivel so I'll need that for my back. Popping in and out the seat.i really like the cybex so will definitely be getting the seat but just need to see what pram the seat will fit into as infababy, and  ickle bubba dont fut the seat. I tested the mothercare journey edit pram before everything was locked down and really liked the feel but im afraid to buy online incase the seat does'nt fit it🤦‍♀️
    Thanks though 😁
  • You will need to get adapters for those I'm sure it's not a problem as long as you decide what pram to go for ickle bubba is very nice pram was going to get it myself x
  • The cybex cloud z would potentially fit as the cybex aton fits. However it wont have been tip tested by cybex or mothercare. You would be better going for a pushchair that has been tested with the pram as if for any reason the pushchair tipped with the car seat on or the carseat got stuck on the adapters then you would not be covered by warrenty. As the cloud z lies flat this will affect the balance of the pram and you really dont want it to risk tipping. Most pushchair shops will have a compatibility  list for the cybex cloud z and will be able to give you some suitable options. 
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