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hairloss adv

A friend of mine is going through hairloss atm, I've adv biotin tablets and watermans hairloss shampoo and conditioner - this worked really well for me when I had stress related hair loss. ANybody else have any tips or adv for my friend?


  • Baby oil! It works wonders :) also if they have long hair cut it a bit shorter so there is less weight 
  • Hair loss can be stopped with proper care. There are some ways that help you:

    1. Castor oil: Every day use of castor oil make more hair growth. You have to just gentle massage on your hair.
    2. Coconut oil: refined coconut oil mixed with lime water and lime juice on the hair can prevent hair loss and increases hair growth.
    3. Onion paste: Onion paste is very effective for hair growth.

    Do all these things and not just a single thing. Keep Patience and you notice a drastic change within you.

  • i used collagen peptides and works great!
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