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Baby monitor - basic sound? Video? Which one?

SmithL35SmithL35 Regular
edited Jul 8, 2020 9:46AM in Products & best buys

This is our first baby so am starting from scratch. Friends have suggested monitors......some have said just a basic sound one rather than video screen, some have suggested getting one that can link to a mobile phone too! Seems like there is a massive range, as with most things 🤣

Does anyone have any advice? X


  • Hi @SmithL35 while you wait for some recommendations, we do have an article about baby monitors here. Hope you might find it helpful. 
  • We downloaded Skype on to 2 devices, set one up in the room and kept the other with us.. Free video and sound and decent quality video... Only problem was you need a night light on as obviously no night vision... We have had a few and honestly the cheap ones are rubbish and I wouldn't go for just sound I like to see the baby as well.... We now have a ring security camera in his room and we can drop in and view it from our Alexa in the living room.... And at night when the camera detects motion it will alert your mobile
  • Thank you @DanielleMFM and @Rebecca1992, good idea about using Alexa!
  • We brought the bt6000 for our first and just brought a second for our newborn we’ve used the monitor for 15 months already and can’t fault it one bit I like it can turn round and can be moved up and down. It can play lullabies through it and also allows us to speak to our daughter through the monitor which is handy when we’re telling her to go back to sleep 😂! 
    Shows the temperature, allows you to zoom in and also change sound and brightness x
  • Thank you @Chkitty x
  • Hi, sorry if I reapet as I didn't read above. I just had voice and movement detector, I love it coz I know my son was always safely asleep (tested) and I didn't obsess spending hours watching him haha
  • Hi @MadDoda, yes I can imagine it might get a bit  obsessive watching them 🤣
  • @SmithL35 I’m going to throw it out there and say that I love our video monitor- it wasn’t a silly price like some you can buy. It’s a BT one but I find it so comforting and reassuring to know she’s ok and I can see her. I’m not obsessive about it and you can just listen to the noise rather than watch the screen like any other monitor If you want but if there is a noise from her or I just want to check on her, it’s fab. I think it cost about 70 pound but I’ve seen cheaper ones too. 
    I just had the audio one for my other two and there was nothing wrong with them at all, so you can’t go wrong but  I’ve just found this a brilliant buy and helps me to eat my tea or enjoy a glass of wine whilst being able to have a quick peek at her if I need/want to.

  • @EmJ3 thank you :) I sometimes wish there just wasn't so much choice with stuff because it makes you feel like you might not be getting the best one when they probably all are perfectly good 🤣
    Yours sounds like what I want I think.....which BT one is it? Does it have purple around it? Xx
  • @SmithL35 Just checked and it’s the BT video monitor 5000- think there’s a couple of models for different prices. Yes it has purple around it! I read a lot of reviews on a lot of different ones (there’s so many) but this one is really good for the money. Xx
  • That's great, thanks @EmJ3, one of my friends recommended this one. I think we will go with it x
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