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Mica 360 maxi cosi

Hi I currently have a maxi cosi 3 way fix base with the maxi cosi pebble plus car seat. I am looking to upgrade now to the mica but not sure it will fit my 3 way base ? Any ideas ? 
Or does the mica come with a separate base that I would need to purchase ? 


  • Hi @Hnv, we think the Mica comes with it's own base - but we are sure you can find your answer here on our Maxi Cosi Mica Product Test thread. 
  • Hi the mica does come with its own base, this is the case for most rotating seats. If you want to use your 3 way fix base you can purchase the maxi cosi 2 way pearl or pearl pro. This will fit on your current base and will rearface up to around four years or forward face from 15months. It Does not rotate though.

    i have the mica and love it!
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