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Highchair Recommendations Please (also in Baby)

Hi lovely ladies and babies,

G/C from baby, Can you please recommend high chairs please, the out-laws want to buy my little lady one for Christmas ready for when we need it and the only stipulation I would prefer is that it reclines.

Thanks in advance. imageimageimage



  • Well one I can advise AGAINST is the Cosatto Diner/MilkBar, they are a complete nightmare to keep clean!
  • Thanks hun ones to avoid are also more then welcome.

  • Hopefully you'll get lots of other mummies comments, I did when I declared i truely hated my highchair (the Cosatto Diner!).

    But I would say we have never ever used the recline feature, not sure whether other mums do?
  • Hi it doesn't recline but I used it from when my ds was 6 months and I never felt I needed a recline feature - I would strongly recommend the plastic cheapy high chair from ikea. I got it because we were about to move house and I needed one quickly and wasn't sure what to get but I am sooooooooooooo glad I did - it is the best baby purchase I ever made!!!! It is simple to clean, they sit in it easily (ds still uses it at 2). At first we used it with the tray but now i just push him up to the table and he eats with us. It is also great for when he paints etc now at the table. Everything just wipes off of it. It looks nice, comes apart to take to realtives houses when you eat at grandparents or go away on hols etc. Honestly it is the best thing ever!!!!!
    I have friends that had expensive posh high chairs but they were so big and/or hard to clean they have swapped them for the ikea one. My mum was gunna have a spare highchair at her house but it is so easy to take ours with us she doesn't need to.
    Honestly I can not say a bad thing about it!!!!!!!!!image

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