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Asda redkite travelcot - mattress- how to make it comfy?

We bought this in the baby event about a year ago but haven't used it for lo to actually sleep in yet. We are going to inlaws this weekend so will be slept in 4 nights but it occured to me that the mattress is very hard and more like wood, how do you make a travel cot more comfy?

I can't afford to buy another mattress right now nor will we have the room in the car to take one with us anyway. I was thinking bought wrapping it up with blankets and putting a fittd sheet over the top but he only bedding I have is cotbed size so will still not be all that secure?

Ideas anyone? What do you do?


  • i got a tesco one when it was on offer and it was very hard too, i put a sheet on it and dd slept well it hasnt bothered either dd so maybe try it out one night before you go to see how lo sleeps if they sleep well then it will be ok
  • Hi

    You could try a mattress topper i got one for Jacks in Morrissons it was only about ??5 its like a fleecy cover and makes it comfy i just put that over mattress and a fitted sheet over top xx
  • Personally I think al travel cots are uncomfy. I've discovered that Archie is like princess and the pea and feels every bump under that thin travel cot mattress.

    He used to scream when we put him into it. However I've started putting spare pillows or a spare duvet under the mattress and then putting fitted sheet over the top. Works a treat and he sleeps well in it now. hope that helps. S x
  • If Oscar's in his travel cot I put a cot sized duvet under the mattress (a 2.5 tog one I think) and then fold his duvet, which is single bed sized, over so that he lies on some and under some if that makes sense. He always seems really cosy and has slept in it very well since I started doing that, which wasn't always guaranteed before x
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