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does anyone have mamas and papas ultima??


wondered if anyone has mamas and papas ultima.

i have one and love love love having ethan facing me. he is 16mths and i am wondering at what age is he too "old" to be still facing me??

i know its really down to personal choice, but htought if i knew others were the same ill feel better. it is the excel chassis i have so its bouncy wheels/not swivel, so was thinking of tryng to get swivel ones for it to make it easier when he bigger. i havent really seen any 2 year olds in this pram, does anyone use this pram for their 2 yer old??


  • Hi there I bought one back in 2007 when I had my little boy, V Expensive but LOVED IT!!!! with the bouncy wheels too which hubby HATED!!

    I'd changed lo from facing me to facing outward at around 15/16months, he just seemed to get bored looking at me!! and found it much more interesting once i'd turned him around, but I just made sure I talked to him constantly so he knew I was still there!

    I have to say, lo was 2 on 28 September and its been cleaned and packed away now for about 2 months and I bought a cheap buggy instead. The main reason for packing it away was that he did look a bit stupid in it coming up to 2, a bit of a big baby!! and also he wants to walk everywhere so we hardly used it anyway. Even since i've bought a buggy he's rarely been in it, we spent 4 hours at the zoo the other day and refused to go in his chair and walked around all afternoon!!

    I was very sad to pack it away tho
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