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Hi There,
I have a little boy who will be 18 months old when I give birth to my second child in January. I just wanted to get some advice on double buggies, are they worth it? will I really need one etc? Im not overly keen on them but would rather have one than have my lil one getting tired legs. He's a very good walker but Im not sure by 18 months how much time he will still need to spend in the buggy. We already have a travel system and a stroller. Any advice gratefully received. Thx :\)


  • my lo is gonna be 18m when my nxt is born so been having same thoughts, im thinking of getting the jane tandem as it has room under for my fav hobby, shopping,lol
  • Hi,
    I have a 19 month old and a 5 month old. I use a double buggy, Mama's and Papa's aria side by side one. It s really compact and will fit through all doorways though some are a tight squeeze! I got it off e-bay for a bargain price and it was in fab condition.
  • My lo will be 2 when our 2nd baby is born in nov & we got the phil & ted. I'm using it as a single at the minute & find it really easy to manoeuver even compared with other single buggies. I would recommend it to amyone with a baby & a toddler

  • hiya I have a 2 year old and a 11 week old and we got the maclearan double side by side and it's great!! can't fault it at all! :\)

    I would say you'd defo need a double as even if it's for 6/12 months. My son doesn't walk yet so I definatly needed it but my sister's son is 26 months and still uses the buggy (although that is getting less now) you'll need it for days out and shopping days too so it will ome in useful! x
  • hi ive got a 2 year old and a 19 week old and i use the phil and teds, i would defo recommend it to any one and i like the fact that you can use it as a single buggy too.
  • hi i have always had to use a double pushchair except with my first of course as i have had short age gaps between all my kids. i am using the cosatto lunar twin which i got off it's realy compact and slim and comes with everything you could imagine. 149.99. at 18months old your baba will still need to ride in a pushchair as they are so young. look on the internet at different ones in different price budgets and do your research as to how much and when you will be using it. i have also used the graco stadium duo in the past as well. it's bulky but a very nice pushchair and comfy for the kids as well. also you can have the graco car chair on it to form a travel system and baby faces you. there are lots of double pushchairs out there so do your research. good luck. xx
  • It really depends on what your needs are. If you drive your car every where you may find you can just use a baby sling for the new babe, and the push chair for your little one. Thus giving your older child a little more time to grow. If you use public transit/ walk every where you definitely need a double. Even if your older child can walk a long distance it is often handy just to be able to keep them both safe and out of trouble while you shop, or are walking down busy/narrow streets. Something to consider if you love your current travel system is the buggy pod. It clips onto your single pushchair and turns it into a double. This might be a good option to avoid having to replace the entire system. My girls were 19 months apart and I find my double pushchair invaluable if only as a good resource for day trips out. Best luck.
  • Thank you all for your comments and advice. I think I will def do a bit of research to see what's around and hopefully get us a bargain!!!:\)
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